zondag 27 februari 2011

fun with red cherry tea lights part two

I just helped the image a little bit with my blue lines...

Het meisje met kanker.

The girl with cancer from Silke Rombaut on Vimeo.

For a schoolassignment, we had to make our own version of 'Het meisje met de zwavelstokjes'. There had to be a storyboard and an animatic. I'm not really sattisfied with the result of my animatic, but I do think that the story easy to understand.

woensdag 23 februari 2011

fun with red cherry tea lights

The image made itself. I just added some accentlines.

This is fun!! More comin' up!!

A tree...

It's not so easy as it might seem, painting a realistic tree (or as realistic as possible...)
This is the original aquarel painting, no photoshop added yet.

sketches from yesterday and before


Mr. Sandman

A man on the train to Antwerp. To me, he looked like a journalist...