donderdag 19 april 2012

woensdag 4 april 2012

bachelortest: puppets

First I started with the evil doctor.
While searching for 'new' materials to work with, I discovered 'liquid latex' and combined that with some modelingpaste.

The last one looked evil enough to me.
So than it was time to start making the armature.
I used 4 twisted aluminium wires en KNS tubes on the places where my puppet shouldn't move. The glue I used for that was a 2 component acrylaat glue. And sometimes the soldering iron was very useful too.

When the armature was finally finished, I glued some sponges to it, with the blue UHU glue, and cut them in the proper shape.
Once this job was done, my sweet doctor got some latexlayers (to color the latex, I simlpy used acryl paint) all over him to cover it all up, some more details to finish him and ready!
The eyebrows and the mouth needed to be animated so I did that just with some clay.

This is my first puppet ever made. And I'm pretty proud of it, despite he wasn't very good to animate. Because of the thick latexlayers the flexibility of the sponge decreased. So his arm and especially his back waren't willing to bend a lot.

The puppet was also too heavy on top and too light below so he couldn't stand without help. Small details at first sight, but very frustratong while you're animating. Learned a lot the last few months! :)

Time for some updates!

The story for my shortmovie has changed a bit but the big lines are kind of the same.
Next week will be the final week to animate everything. It will be very stressy and nothing can't go wrong. But I'll manage! :)

I'll start with showing you some making-of-images.