woensdag 11 januari 2012

bachelortest - the story

The story is about a boy who can't see very well. He goes to a doctor (an evil doctor but he doesn't know that) and gets glasses. But they are very special. When the boy concentrates, he can see everything the way he wants it to. Because he likes candy so much, the whole city changes in candytowers and candyhouses. He is thrilled and starts likking and eating from things around him, also people. He realises that he himself is not made out of candy and starts concentrating again. BANG! He did it! He turned himself into a little candyboy! He looks yummie and starts eating himself.
But than we go back to the reality and we see a normal little boy in a little pool of blood eating himself...

I'm going to make a stop motion puppet movie and want to makes my setting in reaaaaaal candy. So,... I sended some e-mails to the right people. And,... got sponsored with 'some' cady! All my thanks to them!