dinsdag 18 december 2012


'Sapin' is the funniest word I've learnes this year. It means 'Christmastree' in French.
I made one on the window of my room. So when you're waiting for the train, you can see it!

MORE candy!

Oh Yeah! The candy madness is not over yet.
During the saturdays I'm working in a candyshop where they make the candy themself.

Made some pictures!
you can always visit their site: www.papabubble.be

vrijdag 23 november 2012


Although I really don't like it, I got distracted by the fact that making marzipan is so easy to make! So I couldn't resist making it.

Haven't tasted it, because, like I said, I don't like it.

vrijdag 16 november 2012

My 'Indian' sister

My Sister needed a picture of herself. So I took one of her an changed some things in photoshop. But than I found a new button! And I made my sister look like she has got Indian blood! So here's my Indian sister!

vrijdag 9 november 2012

Candy cruelty @ 'klik! amsterdam animation festival'

Almost forgot to tell you!

Candy cruelty is selected for the 'midnight madness'-programmation at Klik! Amsterdam animation festival. So if you'd like to see it on a big screen...


zaterdag 3 november 2012


I went to a chocolate museum in Cologne and made some short movies. When I watched them afterwards, there was one that made me laugh really hard. And that's this one.
When I was filming that piece of the proces, it looked like I thought the litlle chocolates had a sool or something. I was really feeling sorry for the chocolates who didn't made it to end.

Afterwards I saw that they recycled the fallen chocolates. They got heaten up again and got back to the other melted chocolate.

schokoladenmuseum Köln from Silke Rombaut on Vimeo.


Starting my final year animation, I wanted to make something totally different.
I have one year left to find what I'm good at and what I like to do, so I better use that time useful.

Instead of following the expected road, I'm going to try something different. The result will be amazing or terrible. It's one big guess, but I need to try it. For myself.


What am I going to do?

I made my own ten commandments, which I must follow until 4th sunday of may.
The basic idea, and at the same time the first commandment, is that I can not work longer than 3 weeks on a chosen project. The other nine commandments are there, to help me succeed this 210-days-experiment. They trigger my imagination, they change my body, they change my mind, they change my way of thinking.

After the 4th sunday of may, I'll start to make one piece of art out of everything I made during the 210 previous days.

Wish me luck!

The well of the moon

I promised to show you a little piece of how it looked like. Well, this is wat the audience saw on the big screen in front of them. The also saw a big orchestra but unfortunately I don't have pictures of that. But maybe we'll do the whole thing over and than I will try not to forget to take pictures of it!

well of the moon from Kristof Hermans on Vimeo.

woensdag 2 mei 2012

the well of the moon

Beside the bachelortest I also worked on an other project, together with Kristof Hermans.

There is this lullabystory called 'the well of the moon'.
Some composer made music for it and it became a performance.

You have the storyteller, Maarten Schuermans, who tells the story.
You have the AHO-orchestra, who plays themes of music between Maarten's telling parts.
And you have Kristof and me who made cut-out backgrounds and puppets which we can move on the music.

There was a lot of stress and nights with only bits of sleep, because we only had TWO weeks to find a good concept for the graphics, fitting within the story and the music.

But we finally desided to make some kind of shadow-cut-out puppets in black paper and for the hills and mountains we painted some animationpaper with ecoline to have coloured images. We also tried to colour cells, but that didn't stick so well.

I'll show you some pictures of what the audience could see.

Later I'll post a short piece of the whole perfomance-happening-thing.

donderdag 19 april 2012

woensdag 4 april 2012

bachelortest: puppets

First I started with the evil doctor.
While searching for 'new' materials to work with, I discovered 'liquid latex' and combined that with some modelingpaste.

The last one looked evil enough to me.
So than it was time to start making the armature.
I used 4 twisted aluminium wires en KNS tubes on the places where my puppet shouldn't move. The glue I used for that was a 2 component acrylaat glue. And sometimes the soldering iron was very useful too.

When the armature was finally finished, I glued some sponges to it, with the blue UHU glue, and cut them in the proper shape.
Once this job was done, my sweet doctor got some latexlayers (to color the latex, I simlpy used acryl paint) all over him to cover it all up, some more details to finish him and ready!
The eyebrows and the mouth needed to be animated so I did that just with some clay.

This is my first puppet ever made. And I'm pretty proud of it, despite he wasn't very good to animate. Because of the thick latexlayers the flexibility of the sponge decreased. So his arm and especially his back waren't willing to bend a lot.

The puppet was also too heavy on top and too light below so he couldn't stand without help. Small details at first sight, but very frustratong while you're animating. Learned a lot the last few months! :)

Time for some updates!

The story for my shortmovie has changed a bit but the big lines are kind of the same.
Next week will be the final week to animate everything. It will be very stressy and nothing can't go wrong. But I'll manage! :)

I'll start with showing you some making-of-images.

woensdag 11 januari 2012

bachelortest - the story

The story is about a boy who can't see very well. He goes to a doctor (an evil doctor but he doesn't know that) and gets glasses. But they are very special. When the boy concentrates, he can see everything the way he wants it to. Because he likes candy so much, the whole city changes in candytowers and candyhouses. He is thrilled and starts likking and eating from things around him, also people. He realises that he himself is not made out of candy and starts concentrating again. BANG! He did it! He turned himself into a little candyboy! He looks yummie and starts eating himself.
But than we go back to the reality and we see a normal little boy in a little pool of blood eating himself...

I'm going to make a stop motion puppet movie and want to makes my setting in reaaaaaal candy. So,... I sended some e-mails to the right people. And,... got sponsored with 'some' cady! All my thanks to them!