woensdag 2 mei 2012

the well of the moon

Beside the bachelortest I also worked on an other project, together with Kristof Hermans.

There is this lullabystory called 'the well of the moon'.
Some composer made music for it and it became a performance.

You have the storyteller, Maarten Schuermans, who tells the story.
You have the AHO-orchestra, who plays themes of music between Maarten's telling parts.
And you have Kristof and me who made cut-out backgrounds and puppets which we can move on the music.

There was a lot of stress and nights with only bits of sleep, because we only had TWO weeks to find a good concept for the graphics, fitting within the story and the music.

But we finally desided to make some kind of shadow-cut-out puppets in black paper and for the hills and mountains we painted some animationpaper with ecoline to have coloured images. We also tried to colour cells, but that didn't stick so well.

I'll show you some pictures of what the audience could see.

Later I'll post a short piece of the whole perfomance-happening-thing.