woensdag 31 juli 2013

The magic box

An other Kidscamworkshop I did a week ago, with 5 kids between 7 and 9 years old.

maandag 22 juli 2013

Fish makes you fart!

Forgot to tell you this:
a few months ago, I worked for Kidscam in Turnhout.
Together with Marijke Visterin, we assisted a group of kids (between7 and 9 years old) with making their own movie.
And this is the result!

vrijdag 5 juli 2013

Sneak preview of my graduation movie. Especially for YOU!

For my graduationproject I made lots of experimental stuff.
To make it all become one, I decided to make an animated poem.
I decided that the end of may.
The poem takes almost trhee minutes to be told, so there are also three minutes to be animated...
I'm halfway already and hope to be ready with the animation at the end of july, so I can finish all my experimental stuff decently as well.

Here you have a little exctract of my movie.
Somebody told those people to breathe in and never breathe out.
And so they did...

breathe in! from Silke Rombaut on Vimeo.