dinsdag 18 februari 2014

art @ ketnet king size

Last sunday, the guest at King size was Adriaan Van den Hoof.
He was the presentor of a program called 'Mijn kunst is top!'. (which ended second for the emmy kids awards last week)

So the theme of the day was: art.

For the breakfast I took 4 bowler hats, filled them with popcorn and putted an apple on it (refering to Magritte)
Also I made some Campbell's tomato soup cups to drink out, and I made an m&m painting from a Keith Haring art piece.

I haven't got a lot of pictures of this episode, except for the candypainting of Keith Haring I made.

You can watch the full episode over here: http://www.ketnet.be/kijken/ketnet-king-size/adriaan-van-den-hoof

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